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1. Do not create multiple accounts.

If you do, I will delete your second account. If you do it again, you will be perma banned via IP.

2. No flame wars/shitstorms

Do not get in random arguments with others for stupid reasons.

3. No backseat modding

Leave the modding to admins and mods. Simple enough.

4. Listen to admins and mods

Mods are mods for a reason: listen to them.

5. No double posting

Admins and mods are the only ones permitted to double post.

FAQ regarding the rules:

Q: Can you get warnings?
A: Yes, you will get three warnings before you are temp banned for a week. Three temp bans mean a perma ban.

Q: Someone on here is being a jerk to me, what do I do?
A: Tell them to stop. If they don't listen, report them to me via PM and show me PROOF that they are acting this way toward you (do this with a screencap, not a quote as those can be changed). I will give them a warning.

Q: Why was my thread locked?
A: It either broke rules, was useless, or others started having flame wars.

Q: What if I put my thread in the wrong category?
A: I will see it's in the wrong place and move it, or if I don't, PM me and I will move it when I get the chance.

Q: I PM'd you and you haven't done anything. Why?
A: I most likely am not logged in at the moment, or I am AFK.

Q: Are there any kinds of threads that aren't allowed?
A. Yes. Useless topics that people can't have good discussions on, troll threads, or ones that could easily start a flame war. As you can tell, I want to prevent those as much as possible here.

Now, as I said in the first FAQ, you receive three warnings before getting a temp ban, and three temp bans before getting a perma ban. Temp bans last a week, perma bans last forever. If you are an obvious troll, you will be revive one temp ban before being perma banned. The warning system applies to breaking rules in general, not one rule three times.

All bans, temp and perma, are done over IP Address, meaning if you are banned, you cannot make another account via the same computer/device. If you create another account on another device, and I end up finding out it's you, you WILL be IP banned again. You don't want to be banned with me doing them only through IPs, because this means if you have a friend over with an account here, or if one of your family members wants to join, they won't be able to. Please, don't risk the chance of your friends/family not being able to access this site because of your own behavior. And don't try to ask me to unban you so they can, as people can easily lie about it. So, do NOT get your IP banned. This is the only way I will be banning people, to prevent them from making multiple accounts. Sorry this this seems a little harsh, but it's the only way I can make sure no one gets to dodge bans.
List of ban reasons: When I ban someone, I enter in the reason why they were banned here in the "Administration Panel":


This is a little self-explanatory. If you post a lot of useless posts, you will be temporarily banned.

Excessive Spamming:

A step up from regular spamming. This is when you make a lot of spam threads and such in a short amount of time. Usually, this will also be a temporary ban, however, in the case of darytali, it was a permanent ban, because they posted a lot of links to long URLs, which were more than likely viruses. Thus, they were permabanned.

Duplicate Account:

This is when someone has more than one account. If someone makes a second account, that account will be banned.

I will add more later.


I am the admin and I often forget to visit my own forum for long periods of time. If you find that I'm doing this, please remind me on my Tumblr, as I have anon asks activated.


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