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Post by TheBeatlesPkmnFan42 on Thu Feb 14, 2013 7:07 pm

My smileys:

Muahaha Wat. Wat Lost Winter Garden Dejiko Hi, nyo! Om nom nom Gorgeous Usada Sad O_o; Puchiko Kimura listening to music Puppy Coo Ugh. RAGE! Weird Ky Confused Hey! Blob Coo Sad Piyoko Chibi Dejiko Chibi Puchiko Chibi Usada Chibi Gema Winter Garden Ky Minagawa

Other member's smileys:


Smiley page:

EDIT: Where the hell did the smiley box for posts go?

EDIT 2: By the way, other members can make smileys, too. Simply find Di Gi Charat picture, put it in Paint.NET or a similar program that allows you to make images transparent, erase everything you don't need, save it as a .png, then resize it here. Make sure it's about 50-120 pixels on both sides. It can be a little less or more. Basically no smaller than Muahaha and no larger than listening to music.

Then PM me the image and I'll add it. I'll credit you in this thread.

EDIT 3: Fixed the smiley box problem. So, thanks to SLGray of the Forumotion forum.

EDIT 4: Got rid of the Forumotion smileys. I just found them to be tacky and generic.


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