Episodes 73 and 74 are the best episodes

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Episodes 73 and 74 are the best episodes

Post by TheBeatlesPkmnFan42 on Fri Dec 07, 2012 1:17 am

Let me show you why......



Giant ear is best ear:

Galaxy Angel crossover:

Mike crashes a boat:

The manager's arm isn't connected to his body:

Everyone except Vanilla and Normad have weird faces:

For whatever reason I thought this was cute:

More Galaxy Angel:

Stick legs:

This dancing immediately makes anything amazing:

Giant robot:

Rod P's reaction to the giant robot was hilarious:

Even more Galaxy Angel:

This is unnatural:

Aqua (who Mike fished out of the ground):

Yu-Rei looks adorable in that box:

Creepy face is creepy:

This made me lol:

Dejiko got water poured on her:

Genuinely frightening Yasushi rage face:

While I hate Kumagaya, for some reason I found this funny. I don't even know why:

This looks so wrong it's not even funny (actually, it's fucking hilarious, but that's besides the point):

Dejiko melts (and the manager's reaction is priceless):

Dejiko Mekara Beams Kumagaya (YES!):

Giant Rod P head:

The Love Love Angels:

Rod P is a pimp:

Flat Black Gema Gema Gang:

This made me very happy:

And that is why episodes 73 and 74 of Nyo are the best. Hell, I like them even more than ツソデしう演劇団(いいね!).


Sorry for the image spam, by the way.


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