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Hello pyo uvu

Post by Piyokora on Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:52 pm

Hello, everyone~
I go by a lot of different names, depending on where I am on the internet, but I'll explain that later.

I've been a huge Di Gi Charat fan since 2006/2007 when I was 11, and to this day it remains as my favorite series. I spent most of my first 2 years in the fandom being really active in places like dA, the Planet Di Gi Charat forums/oekaki board, Tegaki E, and YouTube. But sadly, since the fandom's been completely dead since about 2009, I've been spending more time with the Hetalia, Homestuck, My Little Pony, and other fandoms. I also believe that I've matured a lot since my early fandom days when I was a raging weeaboo, hoo hoo hoo~

Since, I have seen every episode of the series, collected most of the music, read (but do not own) all the mangas, and have a Coo hat that I treasure and wear everyday.

My favorite Di Gi Charat series are Leave it to Piyoko and Ohanami. My favorite characters are Coo and Piyoko, and I will ship them forever. But I love the BGGD as a whole, because they're adorably dumb ♥.

I found this forum through following thebeatlespkmnfan42 on tumblr, I believe I've seen them on YouTube and dA as well.. I'm just amazingly desperate to interact with fans of this crazy series like I used to.

Anyhoo, this is who I am on other websites:
tumblr: flyingmintbunneh
YouTube: MahoStarr (Yes, it was meee who uploaded the first 5 episodes of Leave it to Piyoko and then left forever~ ... I'm greatly sorry for that..)
Anywhere else I'm piyokora, piyopanda, or some derivative of those names.

Let's get along pyo uvu

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Re: Hello pyo uvu

Post by TheBeatlesPkmnFan42 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:54 am

Welcome to DGCF! It's nice to finally see some more activity here, as the only activity that's been going on lately is me bumping my own threads. =P

Anyway, have fun!


I am the admin and I often forget to visit my own forum for long periods of time. If you find that I'm doing this, please remind me on my Tumblr, as I have anon asks activated.


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