The Di Gi Charat Franchise ABC's

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The Di Gi Charat Franchise ABC's

Post by MrKusanagi94 on Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:29 pm

I really know this HAS been a long time since I was here, so I plan on having an encyclopedia of the Di Gi Charat cast from all continuities.  Unless anyone knows of a character whose name begins with a letter Z, I sense it'll be from Abarenbou to Yuu-rei.  I might include some one-shot people to see what others think. goes:

Akari Usada
Aiko (from Winter Garden)
Airi (An idol singer Gema had a crush on in Panyo Panyo)
Al K. Holic (The Detective in Panyo Panyo who drinks orange juice as if it were alcohol...get it?)
Aqua and her sister
The Black Gema Gema Danin
Buuko and her sister Puuko (from Nyo)
Chibi Akari
Coo Erhard
Daifuku Ankoro
Deji Devil
Director of Panyowood (I know what you are thinking...Panyowood...)
Enma Daioh (the demon whom Takeshi and Yoshimi stumbled upon in Wonderful)
Evil Deity (At the risk of spoiling my fanfic,
Greg (Carrera's father)
Henna Ikimono
Hinagiku and her father
Hitsu G

...and I'll take a break from here but I'll be right back someday.

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Just wishing for a Di Gi Charat All Stars series to happen.

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