My Di Gi Charat All-Stars OCs

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My Di Gi Charat All-Stars OCs

Post by MrKusanagi94 on Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:09 am

Since it's a brand new year, why don't I type in my OC explanation here since I haven't done that yet.

1. First up is Purirun from the prologue; since adding the "nyu" in was a foregone conclusion, she is designed to be Puchiko's birth mother, making her a Charat. She even looks like Puchiko's Winter Garden look. In addition leading to...

2. Mukai, a big burly Stoan from the remote planet of Stoa; a race of beings that are very secretive, he initially was against the idea of a Charat finding their civilization, but saw something in her to make an exception...making him Puchiko's father.

3. Tenkai, Kenkai, and Zokai; Mukai's Stoan friends that were able to escape the onslaught caused by...

4. Empress Belial;a cruel woman who leads an empire called "Digiton". After killing Purirun when it was revealed that she was a pawn to lead herself to the Stoans in order to extract their power...

Outta space, but I promise to speak more about them in the future.

Just wishing for a Di Gi Charat All Stars series to happen.

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